The Dentrix Developer Program is for software developers who already have or plan to create software that integrates with Dentrix G5 and above software. It offers a channel for HSPS to provide Dentrix development tools to software developers and work with them to deliver shared value to our common customers.
Click on the 'Sign Up' link. Once you have submitted an application, you will receive a confirmation email that it has been submitted successfully. Our team will then review the application and, if approved, we'll send you the DDP Agreement to sign pursuant to your receiving the API key.
Participants will receive the following:
  • API key and credentials to access the Dentrix API
  • API documentation
  • Sample code and other API development tools
  • Access to the Developer Program Knowledge Base
  • Access to the latest versions of the Dentrix software (for development & testing purposes) and product manuals
  • Dentrix product support for installation and configuration issues
Yes, DDP members can access the latest versions of the Dentrix (for versions G5 and above) from the secure DDP web portal.

There are currently two APIs available through the Dentrix Developer Program: the Dentrix API (which is primarily a data API) and a dentriXlink toolbar API.

The Dentrix API provides developers with access to a library of functions to access data from the Dentrix database for integration purposes. Click 'Show List' below to view the complete list of read-only table views and stored procedures that are available through this API:

Show Dentrix API List

The dentriXlink toolbar API allows developers to create and distribute their own links/bridges from Dentrix to their application. These links are displayed on the dentriXlink toolbar in Dentrix.

In order to gain access to the standard Dentrix API and dentriXlink API, the developer will need to register for the Developer Program, sign the appropriate license agreement and pay the corresponding registration fee.

There is currently limited write-back access available through the API to approved developers. Write-back access is made available through the Pro API Access Level. Through the Pro API, developers are granted access to the following write-enabled stored procedures and/or DLL API functionality:

Stored Proc / Function Name Title Area Availability
sp_addappointmentnote Add/Replace Appointment Note Appointments G5+
sp_appendappointmentnote Append Appointment Note Appointments G5+
sp_addapptbookdaynote Add/Replace Appointment Book Day Note Appointments G5+
sp_appendapptbookdaynote Append Appointment Book Day Note Appointments G5+
sp_addpatientmedicalalert Add/Replace Patient Medical Alert Patient Medical G6.1+
sp_addpatientmedicalnote Add/Replace Patient Medical Note Patient Medical G6.2+
sp_appendpatientmedicalnote Append Patient Medical Note Patient Note G6.3+
sp_appendpatientnote_ex Append Patient Note (New) Patient Medical G5+
sp_assignpatientaddress Assign/Create Patient Address Patient Demographics G6.3+
sp_clearpatientmedicalalert Clear Patient Medical Alert Patient Medical G6.3+
sp_createpatient Create Patients/Family Members/New Families Patient Medical G6.3+
sp_deletepatientmedicalnote Delete Patient Medical Alert Note Patient Demographics G6.3+
sp_deletepatientnote Delete Patient Note Patient Medical G6.3+
sp_editpatient Edit Existing Patient Patient Demographics G6.3+
sp_editpatientmedicalalerts Edit Patient Medical Alerts Patient Medical G6.3+
sp_deleteapptbookdaynote Delete Appointment Book Day Note Appointments G5+
sp_setappointmentstatus Update Appointment Status Appointments G5+
DENTRIXAPI_AddClinicalNote Add Clinical Note Clinical Notes G6+
DENTRIXAPI_SetClinicalNoteText Replace Clinical Note Clinical Notes G6+
DENTRIXAPI_AppendClinicalNote Append Clinical Note Clinical Notes G6+
DENTRIXAPI_UpdateClinicalNoteProv Set Provider for Clinical Note Clinical Notes G6+
DENTRIXAPI_DeleteClinicalNote Delete Clinical Note Clinical Notes G6+
DENTRIXAPI_UpdateClinicalNoteDate Update Clinical Note Date Clinical Notes G6+
DENTRIXAPI_ChangePatientBillingType Update Patient Billing Type Patient Demographics G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_LaunchApptBookForApptId Launch Appointment Book with Appointment selected Appointments G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_LaunchDentrixApp Launch Dentrix Module with Patient Selected Patient Demographics G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_Letters_ExecuteReport Letters G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_Letters_LaunchQuickLetterEx Lauch Quick Letter with Patient Selected (New) Letters G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_Letters_LaunchReportDialog Launch Quick Letter Report Dialog Letters G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_MoreInfo Launch More Information Dialog Patient Demographics G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_RegisterIntegrationComponent Register Chart Panel Integration Component Patient Chart G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_SelectGuarantor Launch Select Guarantor Dialog Patient Demographics G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_SelectPatient Launch Select Patient Dialog Patient Demographics G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_SelectProvider Launch Select Provide Dialog Patient Demographics G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_SelectReferral Launch Select Referral Dialog Referrals G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_UninstallIntegrationComponent Uninstall Chart Panel Integration Component Patient Chart G6.2+
DENTRIXAPI_SetClinicalNoteText Replace Clinical Note Clinical Note G6.3+
Import Document Import Document to Document Center Documents G5+
sp_addpatientofficejournal Add Patient Office Journal Entry Office Journal G5+
sp_addproviderofficejournal Add Provider Office Journal Entry Office Journal G5+
sp_addreferralofficejournal Add Referral Office Journal Entry Office Journal G5+
sp_deleteofficejournal Delete Office Journal Entry Office Journal G5+
sp_addpatientnote Add/Replace Patient Note Patient Note G5+
sp_appendpatientnote Append Patient Note Patient Note G5+
sp_clearpatientnote Clear Patient Note Patient Note G5+
sp_addpracticeprescription Add Prescription Template Prescriptions G6.1+
sp_addpatientprescription Add Patient Prescription Prescriptions G6.1+
sp_deletepatientprescription Delete Patient Prescription Prescriptions G6.1+
sp_addrefbydocreferralsource Add ‘Referred By Dr./Other’ Referral Source Referrals G5+
sp_addreftoreferralsource Add ‘Referred To’ Referral Source Referrals G5+
sp_updaterefbydoctorreferralsource Update ‘Ref By Dr./Other’ Referral Source Referrals G5+
sp_updatereftoreferralsource Update ‘Referred To’ Referral Source Referrals G5+
sp_addrefbypatientreferral Add ‘Referred By Patient’ Referral for Patient Referrals G5+
sp_addrefbydoctorreferral Add ‘Ref By Dr./Other’ Referral for Patient Referrals G5+
sp_addreftoreferral Add ‘Referred To’ Referral for Patient Referrals G5+

In order to gain access to the Pro API, the developer will need to submit an application for the Developer Program (if not already a member), sign the appropriate license agreement and pay the corresponding registration fee. If a developer is already a member of the Developer Program and wishes to gain access to the Pro API, they will need re-register and apply at Once approved for Pro API access, the developer will be sent a license agreement to sign. Additionally, per the license agreement for Advanced Integration, the developer agrees to pay a fixed monthly royalty amount per Dentrix customer (that uses the developer's integrated products) to Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

The Software Developer Kit refers to the Dentrix Application Programming Interface (API), sample code, programmer’s guide and all other tools and information made available to developers to assist in using the Dentrix API.
The Dentrix Developer Program License Agreement explicitly prohibits a member of the program from transferring, selling, distributing, disclosing, leasing, syndicating, sub-syndicating, lending, or sublicensing the Dentrix API, including any portion thereof including the API key.
No, there is no expiration date for the API key itself. However, the download link where DDP members get their initial Welcome Kit expires after 7 days. DDP members who fail to download the Welcome Kit within the 7-day period will need to contact the DDP Support team at to request that a new Welcome Kit download link be re-sent.
The Dentrix API is built into the Dentrix database / server framework (starting with G5) and is accessed through a password-protected ODBC connection, so most common programming languages can be used (such as C#, C++, Java, etc.).
No, API queries can be run from any Dentrix G5+ machine on a given network.
Yes, we provide a JDBC driver that is available for download from the Resource Center > Downloads page on
Yes. However, we do not currently provide a method for directly connecting to the Dentrix database via the internet. Therefore, in order for a cloud / web-based application to access the API, the third party developer will need to create a desktop app / service that runs on a Dentrix server or workstation machine to access the necessary data through the local API/password-protected ODBC connection and then send it to their web application.
No, Dentrix does not currently provide an HL7 (Health Level Seven) interface at this time.
The annual cost to participate in the Developer Program is based upon the type of development tools and API required. The cost of enrollment is also determined by the level of certification you are applying for and what your plans are to market and distribute your developed product. For specifics on the program and pricing please review on the Dentrix Developer Program website after you have registered.
Yes, DDP members with a Pro API Access Plan must pay royalties regardless of whether their Dentrix customers utilize WRITE-BACK API features. This is due to the agreement under which they acquired the API key.
Yes, there is an application certification process which is included in the membership fees depending on the type of API Access plan. After approval from Dentrix you will receive instructions and communication from the Dentrix Developer Team, to expedite your certification process. Click here for more information.
You can submit an application to distribute and market your certified product through the web sites of the Dentrix Connected Program or the Marketplace. If you receive approval from Dentrix then Dentrix approved certified products can be enrolled in either or both of these programs. The Dentrix Connected program is usage of the Dentrix Connected logo; this identifies your products as preferred, certified products that can be trusted to expand the functionality of Dentrix G5. Your Dentrix Connected products can also be approved to be showcased on a special web site on and in the Dentrix Marketplace online store. For more information about the Dentrix Connected logo program, visit For more information on the Dentrix Marketplace, visit
There are specific software application types that are currently not allowed to join the Dentrix Developer Program, Connected Program, or be published on the Dentrix Marketplace. They include patient financing, credit card processing, and insurance claim processing.
No. At this time there are no APIs available for other Henry Schein products such as Dentrix Enterprise, Dentrix Ascend, Easy Dental and Viive. We currently only offer APIs for Dentrix (version G5 and above). However, you may submit a request to have API access added for one or more of those products at
No. Henry Schein does not perform Beta testing for third-party products.
No. Henry Schein does not make its customer lists available to third party companies.
No, given the already large volume of products and services that FSCs and other Dentrix sales representatives sell to dentists, it is not feasible for them to promote or sell DDP vendors' offerings. Dentrix does not ensure traction in our sales channels for partner products. Introduction and product training in our sales channels are reserved for our highest level of partnerships. Please refer the Dentrix Developer Program page for further information.
DDP members that do not renew their membership (i.e., do not pay their annual membership renewal fee) will no longer have access to the API tools, documentation and Dentrix software installs available on the DDP website. They will need to provide evidence and certification that that are no longer using the Dentrix API key with their application or with their Dentrix customers.
No, Henry Schein does not offer such an option at this time. In an effort to provide as much clarity as possible, the complete list of READ-ONLY and WRITE-BACK table views and stored procedures that are currently available through the API are published on this FAQ page.
Yes, the Dentrix API is available with Dentrix Canada G6 and higher.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Login link and log in to the site
  3. Go to Resources > Support
  4. Complete and submit the Support ticket form

To add more than one site to your account, you need to

  1. Log into the DDP Portal by clicking on
  2. Navigate to the My Account menu
  3. Click on the My Account link and select Profile
  4. Click on the Add Sites link to open the Profile page
  5. Complete the form

Henry Schein Practice Solutions does not share or divulge what it considers to be intellectual property (IP) of Dentrix.

To maintain Connected Certification status, DDP members must certify their products within six months of the latest, major Dentrix release. The Dentrix Connected status signifies to our Dentrix customers that a product has been thoroughly tested and verified to work with the latest version of Dentrix and the associated API. If the product is not recertified within six months of the latest Dentrix release, the previously certified product's listing on the Dentrix Connected Website will be removed and the DDP member will be required to remove any reference to their product's Dentrix Connected or certified status from their product Website(s), marketing literature, etc.

The imaging vendor must be invited and then approved by both Henry Schein Dental and Henry Schein Practice Solutions.
The imaging vendor pays the required fee and is then placed into the queue (based on order of payment). They then provide their software developer kit (SDK) and associated documentation to HSPS who then commences building the Connector to the imaging vendor’s application.
No, any Connector developed by HSPS remains HSPS intellectual property. The imaging vendor has the option to purchase the HSPS Connector or choose to simply build their own.
No. This is because the APIs provided are only for integrating with the Dentrix Smart Image middleware rather than into the Dentrix database.